What is your energy?

We all are carrying with us some kind of energy, we cannot name this energy in just one word but we can understand it by negative and positive. This energy is mostly influenced by our feelings and emotions.

If we talk about the nature of energy, it cannot stay in one place, it flows and spreads. In the same manner energy can be influenced by other energy as well.

Let’s see how it mean to be, it works in two way:

  1. Your energy can influence by other energy
  2. Other energy can influence by your energy

This is a little complicated. Let’s understand this with an example. You have noticed that some people are so cheerful and make their environment cheerful too wherever they go. And some people are so downcast and make their environment downcast too wherever they go. But sometimes it’s the opposite. It means sometimes we have power to change the energy of our environment and sometimes our environment has power to change our energy.

We attract the same energy we carry inside us but sometimes we attract opposite energy also, it depends how stronger our energy is.

What kind of energy are you carrying?

We understand this energy mostly in two ways, positive and negative. You have noticed that when we talk to someone, we like spending time with them because we both have similar energies and sometimes we don’t like to speak with a few people because our energies are not match with each other. And then we call it, “I am not having good vibes from him or I like his vibes.” Do you know your vibes or energy?

We do not pay much attention to what kind of energy we carry within us and how our energy is getting influenced by our environment.

Know yourself as much as you can

Some people find it very difficult and some people think that if we do not know about us then who else will know? Well, this is a little different but much similar. This is similar as you know what is your favorite food, which is your favorite dress, what is your favorite color, etc. The only difference is what kind of questions you are asking to yourself. The better your question, the better your answer will be.

It is not only about food, dresses, colors, etc. it is about what kind of person you are. Most of us try not to show our real self in front of others and we start pretending. While pretending in front of others, we start pretending in front of ourselves too. Then it becomes difficult to understand the difference between our real self and pretending self. To know yourself better, firstly look at yourself like another person and start questioning. And answer it without telling a lie.

Know about your environment

After being aware of our own energy, we have to see how the energy around us is. Group of people create an environment together. What kind of energy have the people around us carried? We have to do this because our energy is influenced by the energy of the people around us.

It is a little complicated to understand the environment, we don’t know the hidden energy of the other person. Gradually we come to know about these things.

Let’s see the few symptoms of positive energy of your environment:

  1. You feel good with people around you.
  2. Surroundings are peaceful and relaxed.
  3. No stress you feel and even feel calm.
  4. You share problems and happiness with them.
  5. No one has feelings of envy, jealousy, ego, dominating, etc.
  6. Supportive and helpful to each other.

How stronger is your energy?

You can very simply recognize it. If you get so easily affected by other people that simply means your energy is not stronger. And if others get affected by your energy then it simply means your energy is so stronger.

What can we do if we have weak energy?

  1. Eliminate People — Eliminate people from your life who are adding negative energy in you. You cannot do this in just one day but start the process when you get mentally ready for it.
  2. Stay away — if you cannot eliminate some people from your life then at least try to stay away from them or when they are talking in such a way that you are getting negative energy, then you can leave from there for a while.
  3. Thoughts Control over your thoughts and think positive. Positive thoughts give us more power to stay positive.
  4. Book — Read books, which can create a strong mindset. There are so many powerful books you can have.
  5. Affirmation — if you don’t like reading you can listen to affirmation or you can create your own affirmations and ready it daily. It also helps to improve positive energy.

You won’t get results by just doing once. You have to be consistent.

I hope this blog was helpful to you. Please share your opinion on this.

Thanks for reading



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