Learn from bad experiences

Learn from bad experiences

When you read the headline, what was the first thought in your mind? I am sure that would be “Of course! We learn from bad experiences”.

How much we apply this in our real life and daily life? Whenever we are having some bad experiences. We curse that “why is this happening to me?” But we never think like “It is an opportunity to learn something new”.

There are many people out there, who get nervous seeing problems, who run away from the problems, who harm to others to avoid problems. But very few people have dare to face the problem.

Why are we afraid of problems?

We are all afraid of losing something. That something could be anything. That could be money for someone. That could be a property for someone. For someone that could be a relationship. And for some that could be a status.

Why are we afraid of losing something?

What we required, we associate them with our happiness. And we think if we lose that we will lose our happiness. But this is a big illusion. Happiness doesn’t required anything to exist. Do you remember your childhood? Which of these did you have then? Relationships was there but nothing else. And we had nothing to do with these things but still we were happy. So there is no cost of happiness unless we put a price on them. Make happiness free from these prices and you too will be free from this fear of losing.

How can we change are perspective?

In the above lines, you must have understood how happiness is related to our troubles.

Separate your happiness from your problems!

When you separate your happiness from your problems, problems lose control over you. And then you can have strong control over your problems.

I read somewhere that “When we learn more controls over a car features, we get more freedom to drive”. And this is same happen with our life and problems are one of those features.

When we change our prospective to look at problems, problems change their behavior against us! And they give us more prosperity we never know. Problems do not come in our life to trouble us. They come to take us to the next level in our life.




I love travelling, book reading and writing. I love thinking about things. So whatever comes to my mind, I write it down.

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I love travelling, book reading and writing. I love thinking about things. So whatever comes to my mind, I write it down.

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